The Oxford & Toronto Symposium will be a web-based symposium for binational student presentations on the topic of Musculoskeletal Sciences.

The Oxford & Toronto Symposium in Musculoskeletal Sciences launched on Wednesday December 9, 2020 and will conclude with trainee presentations on Monday March 22, 2021. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Personalised medicine within the MSK Sciences”

Mission for the Symposium

  • Bring together young clinician and basic scientist investigators with interests in orthopaedics and rheumatology to foster interdisciplinary working within the MSK sciences
  • Integrate studies of disease mechanism, therapeutic discovery and implementation of treatment strategies as a cohesive approach in the MSK sciences
  • Educationally, the purpose of the symposium is to act as a vehicle to enhance and broaden their understanding of the taught course content
  • Connecting students with University Toronto and Oxford University Faculty, providing a platform to advance future career opportunities / choices

Symposium Launch

During Launch:

  • Introduce concept of Symposium
  • Meet Academic Facilitators (AF)
  • Keynote talks from internationally renowned speakers

After Launch:

  • Students sign up to work with preferred Academic Facilitator working on particular aspect of personalised medicine in the MSK Sciences
  • Students assigned into groups working with preferred AF
  • Each group comprised of 2-4 students from both Institutes

Trainee Presentations

  • The aim is to have a number of joint groups of students/trainees who work on a ‘project’ together and present their deliberations at a final web based plenary session between the two universities
  • There will be a number of pre-defined topics, each with a combined clinical science research themes that students from both institutions will sign up for. Themes will be allocated based on the student preferences
  • Each group will then have a minimum of 2-3 scheduled web/skype calls plus time for pre-reading where they would have to emerge with a consensus on the problem area, the objectives for a research project and how the research could be conducted. A presentation guide will be circulated
  • All groups to present on Monday March 22, 2021

Symposium Details

  • 7 groups, each comprising of 2 Oxford students and 1-2 Toronto students (a maximum of 4 members per group)
  • Each of the groups to have an Academic Facilitator (4 from Toronto and 3 from Oxford)

Academic Mentors

University of Oxford Mentors: Dr. Stephanie Dakin, Dr. Alan Silman, Dr. Anushka Soni

University of Toronto Mentors: Dr. Gillian Hawker, Dr. Lihi Eder, Dr. Zahi Touma, Dr. Mohit Kapoor

Launch Keynote Speakers

Dr. Christopher Buckley (University of Oxford) and Dr. Igor Jurisica (University of Toronto).

Contact us

For any questions regarding the symposium please contact Charlotte Turner (University of Oxford) at charlotte.turner@ndorms.ox.ac.uk and Sarah Gabrial (University of Toronto) at sarah.gabrial@uhnresearch.ca.